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Leicester Respiratory Biomedical Research Unit
NHS National Institute for Health Research
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Clinical Staff

The Leicester Respiratory BRU Clinical Team

The respiratory research clinical team consists of research nurses, research assistants, research support assistants, data managers, respiratory physiologist and administration support. Many members of the team have obtained degrees including Health Studies, Life Sciences, Human Biology and Medical Biochemistry and Respiratory Care.


The team has a large amount of experience of managing a variety of studies ranging from commercial single centre studies to multi national commercial studies. Each study within the National Institute for Health

Research (NIHR) Leicester Respiratory Biomedical Research Unit (BRU) is allocated to a lead member of the clinical team, who will then work with a smaller group of staff, to ensure that high quality data is collected.


All members of the team are competent in performing:


  • Basic lung function measurements 

  • Measurements of airway inflammation

  • Venepuncture

  • Electrocardiogram

  • Questionnaire completion

  • Respiratory airway Challenge tests

  • Exercise tests

  • Allergy skin prick testing

  • General observations such as blood pressure, respiratory rate, height and weight

  • Case report form completion

  • Data management


Specific members of the team have advance training in:


  • Small airway testing

  • Cough reflex testing

  • Cannulation


All members of the clinical team are trained in Good Clinical Practice, which is updated every two years and on an annual basis attend training to maintain all necessary mandatory requirements.