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Study title

A study to evaluate the efficacy of a SIMPLE intervention to support medicine adherence for people with difficult-to-manage asthma   


Why is the study important?

Asthma is a common respiratory condition affecting 5-10% of adults in the UK. It is severe and difficult to control in about 10% of patients who have considerable symptoms despite appropriate treatment. We know that sometimes the asthma symptoms can be due to the asthma medicines not reaching the lungs as they should. This may be due to problems in people managing to take the medicines properly or not wanting to for a number of reasons. At the present time it is possible that we do not offer enough support to help you to get the best out of your asthma medicines.

Are you eligible to take part?

If you attend the Difficult Asthma Clinic at Glenfield Hospital you may be eligible to take part.

What will you have to do?

If you decide to take part you will be asked to attend an appointment with the pharmacist at the start of the study. Some people will receive the full care package from the pharmacist whilst others will not and will continue to have normal care provided by the clinic.

You will be involved in the study for approximately 6 months.  Although you will need to visit five times over the 6 months, all of these visits and investigations you would be undertaking anyway as part of the standard care you receive from your doctor in the clinic or by the research nurse team. 

If you would like more information about the study, please see the Participant Information Sheet or contact Dr Anna Murphy.

Tel: (0116) 250 2646

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