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The Centre for Exercise and Rehabilitation Science (CERS) focuses on enhancing the physical and emotional wellbeing of individuals with chronic respiratory and cardiac disease. The specialist research and clinical teams work together to develop and test new treatments and services to ensure patients receive the best possible care.


The rehab team based at Glenfield Hospital has an international reputation for research and comprises of respiratory physicians, physiotherapists, nurses, exercise physiologists and health psychologists who run a large and expanding portfolio of research. Facilities at the BRU include a dedicated human performance laboratory with sophisticated imaging and cardiopulmonary exercise testing equipment.  


We have close links with local primary and secondary care providers and commissioners and are strongly represented on the local managed care network for respiratory disease.The rehab research activities undertaken at the BRU:


  • Developing and testing alternative models of delivery of rehabilitation to accommodate individual patient preferences and to provide greater choice, flexibility and access to rehabilitation services.

  • Investigating the mechanisms underpinning skeletal muscle dysfunction in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and the response to acute and sustained exercise.

  • Exploring the potential for nutritional and pharmacological enhancement of exercise and training in COPD

  • Role of exercise interventions in the management of early stage cardiopulmonary disease

  • Development and delivery of integrated care pathways for COPD

  • Development of psychological therapies in chronic respiratory disease

  • Identifying phenotypes of muscle disease and developing biomarkers/diagnostics

 Please visit the Pulmonary rehabilitation website for up to date details: