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Leicester Respiratory Biomedical Research Unit
NHS National Institute for Health Research
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Research Participants

What our research volunteers say about us: 

"When I took part in the research, I had never done anything like this before, and did not know what was going to happen. Every step is explained to you, along with reading material, so you can go over everything at home in your own time. I was made welcome and in fact made to feel quite special" - Volunteer 1

"I would most certainly take part in research again. My experience was made much more comfortable by the very caring doctor and all the staff involved, it makes a world of difference" - Volunteer 2

Participant 1

"Research has changed my life for the good.  I have been lucky enough to be given new treatments which could help my quality of life" - Volunteer 3

"It has been a pleasure to take part.  It is a very happy place and the staff are lovely" - Volunteer 4