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NHS National Institute for Health Research
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Here list of collaborators that we have worked with.


AstraZeneca                    http://www.astrazeneca.co.uk/home

Bayer                             http://www.bayer.co.uk/scripts/pages/en/index.php


Boehringer Ingelheim       https://www.boehringer-ingelheim.co.uk/


Glenmark                       http://www.glenmarkpharma.com/GLN_NWS/homepage.aspx?res=P_GLN


GSK                              http://www.gsk.com/


Novartis                         http://www.novartis.co.uk/


Nycomed/Takeda            http://www.takeda.co.uk/


Pfizer                             http://www.pfizer.co.uk/


Gilead                            http://www.gilead.com/ 


Schering Plough             http://www.msd-uk.com/about/our-history/Pages/Merger.aspx


InterMune                       http://www.intermune.co.uk/


Pharmaxis                      http://www.pharmaxis.com.au/


Stallergenes                   http://www.stallergenes.co.uk/