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Respiratory Research Database

The Unit holds an ethically approved database designed for recruitment and research purposes.  Members of the public and patients are invited to participate in the database by reading and signing an information sheet and consent form.


The research section of the database stores anonymised data and information to be used for respiratory research purposes (data that contains no identifiable information).  Researchers, either internal or external to the BRU, are invited to formally apply to use the database for research purposes.  The application will be reviewed and approved by the BRU Scientific Committee and/or the BRU Executive Committee.  The application form and data sharing agreement is available to complete online via this link Request Access to Data.  


Data shared with researchers will be for specific research projects only in accordance with the signed agreement between the researcher and the BRU Executive.  Data will not be shared with third parties.  If the researcher wishes to use the dataset for a different research project then a separate application will have to be submitted.  Data must be destroyed, if in a suitable format, or returned.

Below is a list of studies that have used the database:


Project Number Title of Project  Name of Chief Investigator Institution 
BRU001  An open study to measure imaging biomarkers and inflammatory cells, mediators and biomarkers from blood, urine and airway samples from healthy volunteers, asthma patients and COPD patients in stable disease and during acute exacerbation. Dr A Wright University of Leicester
BRU002 Infection associated asthma: A Case Control Study Dr. S. Natarajan University of Leicester
BRU003 Which marker of eosinophilic airway inflammation best predicts asthma exacerbations? Dr. S. Gonem University of Leicester
BRU004 Classifying DAC* patients using international and UK criterion Dr. S. Siddiqui & Dr. D. Bagnasco University of Leicester
BRU005  Variable selection for model-based clustering Dr.. M. Ghebre University of Leicester